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Animal advocacy comes in many forms, from the Animal Rights groups to the more middle of the road Animal Welfare advocates. The methods of these groups and individuals within the groups may differ, but the common thread is love of animals as well as acting and speaking out for their welfare.
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Our Passions for Cats' Welfare
People who love cats often share one or more topics about which they feel a particular compelling passion.

My Passions About Cats
Readers share the cat topics you fee most passionately about.

11 Wildlife Dangers to Cats
While enjoying the flora and fauna of life in a forest, on a plain, or in a river canyon, be aware of the potential dangers of the wildlife to your cats

Holiday Help for Needy Cats
Spread some holiday joy for homeless, abandoned, or shelter cats nearing euthanasia with donations, purchase of gifts from charitable animal organizations, or by adopting a shelter cat.

Compassion Fatigue
For cat lovers, compassion fatigue can come from many different causes, with as many different ways of manifesting as well as and compensating.

Compassion Fatigue in Cat Caregivers
Compassion fatigue is common among workers in the veterinary field, animal shelter workers, cat rescue groups, and caring for one's own senior cats and special needs cats. You are invited to share your own stories about compassion fatigue and how it affects you and your families

What's Wrong with Owning Pet Cats?
"Owner" or "Guardian?" "Pet" or "Companion Animal?" In an effort to be politically correct, for several years now I have struggled with using these terms, but I am here today to say, "Enough is enough!"

Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Cat
While we all know a number of valid reasons why adopting shelter cats does a huge service to cats, have you ever considered the benefits humans derive from adopting a cat from a shelter? A cat named Wellington shares this information from the viewpoint of a cat.

Loss in the World of Cats
Cats can die from many causes, including negligence, ignorance, and plain cruelty. Fortunately, there are things we can do to help prevent unnecessary future deaths of cats.

Top Humane Gifts for Cat Lovers
Dedicated cat lovers will love these dual-purpose gifts that benefit animals at large. These are my top picks of Humane Gifts for Cat Lovers.

Cats - The Costs of Responsible Ownership
Being a responsible owner of a cat comes with certain financial obligations. If you are not prepared to meet these costs, it is better to not adopt a cat at all. Irresponsibility carries its own costs, in terms of sacrifices to a cat's health and well-being, along with the potential heartbreak of the loss of the cat.

How I Became an Animal Shelter Or Cat Rescue Group Volunteer
Most animal shelters and cat rescue groups could not exist were it not for volunteer help. Especially during bad economic times, municipal and county governments are tightening up the budgets, and shelters depend more and more on volunteers. Yours is a sacred trust - the comfort and loving care you give these caged cats brings happiness to lives where there is little to be happy about. Share your…

My Moment of Awareness - Share your single most compelling 'aha' mome…
The first decade of the 21st century has been an Age of Awareness for many cat lovers. Events such as the pet food recalls of 2007 certainly were a jolting enlightenment to the necessity of learning more about what goes into the food our cats eat. Many of us have also learned that one person can make a difference for cats, and we have put that...

Cat Collectors
Cat collectors often do a disservice to the very cats they profess to love when their good intentions get out of hand. Even legitimate animal rescuers are sometimes at risk, when illness or financial hard times enters the picture.

Reasons to Adopt an Older Cat
During kitten season, the ongoing cat overpopulation problems become increasingly severe. Hundreds of thousands of kittens end up in shelters, which are already overcrowded. Many of the kittens find homes, at the expense of older cats who have been waiting in vain. Read these reasons why to consider adopting an older cat in this illustrated article, and why to spay and neuter your cats.

Pets are Property?
While cats and dogs are considered beloved family members in homes all over the world, the law takes a different view by generally regarding pets as property.

First Commercially Cloned Cat Sold
Since the development in 2002 by Genetic Savings and Clone, Inc., of the first cloned cat, Copy Cat, the issue of cloning cats has become a topic for ethical debate. Now that the first commercially cloned kitten has been sold, the debate is heating up. Learn more about the history of cat cloning, and where it might go from here.

Help Stop the Inhumane Killing!
This writer is sickened by the various inhumane methods used across the U.S. in many "shelters," and is advocating for a national law, which he is promoting in the Killing with Kindness campaign, which he jointly founded.

Community Corner - Guest Writers Forum - Pieces by Jim Willis
Jim Willis is a prolific writer and animal advocate, whose essays have been a source of inspiration to thousands of rescue workers, including the selfless souls who work in "kill shelters." He has generously shared writings from his recent book, " Pieces of my Heart - Writings Inspired by Animals and Nature," and it is only fitting that he have his own index on this site.

Readers' Choice Awards Nomination: Best Non-Profit Cats-Only Groups
This year, among other awards, the About.com Readers' Choice Awards will honor the Best Non-Profit Cats-Only Organization. You may nominate up to five groups with this fill-in-the-blanks form.

About.com Readers' Choice Awards Nomination: Best Non-Profit Pets Organization
For the Readers' Choice Awards, the Cats site will be honoring the best non-profit pets organizations. You may nominate up to five non-profit pets group with this form.

Readers' Choice Awards Nomination: Best Pro-Claws Website
About.com Cats is participating in the 5th annual About.com Readers' Choice Awards. This year, among other awards, we will honor the Best Website advocating against the declawing of cats. You may nominate up to five pro-claws Websites with this fill-in-the-blanks form.

Save the Rancho Los Amigos Cats
L.A. County officials and Animal Control have been waging all-out war against a managed colony of stray and feral cats who have been living for years at Ranch Los Amigos. Their aim is to trap and kill the cats, prevent TNR groups from feeding them, and other inhumane measures. FailSafe4Cats, whose members manage the cats, are negotiating with limited success. View this YouTube video by whospuss, then contact the L.A. authorities to voice your support for the FailSafe4Cats efforts.

2012 New Year Resolutions for the Cats of the World
This year I am joining my voice with other advocates for cats to help this planet become a safer, more hospital place for the world of cats.

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