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The Cat That Came A'Calling

Cici, a Tool-Using Cat, by Grace


Picture of Cici, a remarkable cat

Cici, the Cat That Came A'Calling

I am the proud owner of 10 very loving, curious, playful and smart felines. They all have their own purrsonalities and unique ways of communicating with humans. My youngest cat is called CiCi. She is snow white with large green eyes, a cute pink nose and a very petite and streamlined build.

She has always been very curious and when she was very young she learned to flush the commode, I assume by watching us. She would stand on her hind legs and place one paw on the handle then the other paw on top of the first paw and press down to flush. She would then try to raise the lid to see the swirling water. If the flushing stopped before someone raised the lid for her she would begin the entire process again and again, until someone raised the lid or bodily removed her from the bathroom and closed the door. In the interest of water conservation we do not leave the bathroom door open anymore.

CiCi has also learned how to knock on the bedroom door. One night we were awakened by a very loud and persistent knocking on our bedroom door. It startled us and we could not figure out who or what was doing this. Several of my cats like to sleep with me and CiCi is one of them. She usually sleeps on my pillow. This night the door must have been closed before she could get in the room but she was not about to be left out. The bedroom door has a door stop attached to the bottom of the door. It can be likened to the kickstand on a bicycle, you lower it to keep the door opened and raise it up in order to allow the door to close. Any way when we opened the door there she was just looking at us like "How dare you try to lock me out". She entered the room and assumed the position on my pillow without any further commemts.

Several nights later the bedroom door was once again closed but no one was in the room. We were watching TV in another room when we once again heard that very distictive loud persistent knocking. Upon investigation we came upon CiCi laying on her side by the door and using her paw to raise and then forcefully lower the doorstop to produce the loud knock. We could not stop laughing at her ingenious ways.

Ever since then, if we dare to close the door before CiCi comes to bed we can count on being awakened in the wee hours of the morn by her persistent knocking.

About the Author:
I am a Registered Nurse for a local Childrens Hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I have had pet cats all my life and now that my own children are grown and on their own I haqve adopoted several strays from different areas. Most of them just seem to show up on my front porch. I spend alot of time trying to place the in good homes with someone I know will take good care of them and keep them indoors. I have 10 cats of my own that rule the house. They have a large out door enclosure that they have access to by way of a cat door and about a 50 foot enclosed cat walk.

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