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7 Facts About Black Cats


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Black Cats are Often Revered or Feared
Photo of two black cat littermates

Black Cats O and U

Photo Credit: © E of the Vowels

Black cats pose an enigma to people who have never been up close and personal with one. People who share their homes with one or more black cats love them beyond measure. Others who may or may not have crossed paths with a black cat sometimes fear them to the point of irrationality.

Fear of black cats most likely stems from folklore held over from the middle ages, when black cats were thought to be witches' familiars. The common phrase "witch hunt" arose from the fanatical fervor with which witches and their "familiars" were searched down, tortured until they confessed their sins, and killed, usually by burning at the stake.

Today, lovers of black cats bear no resemblance to witches, but are normal men and women who happen to love the stark beauty of all-black cats, along with their personalities, which seem to vary from cat to cat.

If you fit into this category, you'll have the opportunity to share with the world why you love black cats, with the link at the bottom of this series.

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