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Bengal Cats Gallery: Sirius Black

Picture Gallery of Bengal Cats, Submitted by their Humans


Photo of black Bengal cat Sirius Black

Sirius Black

Photo Credit: © Sandra Lehner
This is Sirius Black (from the Harry Potter stories); he is a Black Bengal and in the sun light you can see his dark on dark Bengal markings. He was one of 8 kittens and so tiny, but now at almost 2 years he weighs in at a solid and sleek 16 pounds. This is the first time we "paid" for a pedigree, having always adopted those strays that happen in your life.

Sirius is better than HBO. He flies through the air and as he skims the top of our leather chair, my husband and I agree it is a price to pay for the entertainment! He is always appreciative of toys, he loves his cat condo where he can climb to great heights, and is like a little kid when he needs to be loved. He lives with his stepbrothers, Harry Potter (our Maine Coon), and Remus Lupien (our new Savannah).

One of the most impressive times is when Sirius sleeps so deeply that I am able to trim all four paws and he never wakes up! This Bengal boy is almost as good as grandkids!

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