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Maine Coon Cat Picture Gallery: Gray Boy

Pictures of the "Gentle Giant" Submitted by Readers


I'm publishing Suzanne's "off-the-record" remarks because I think they're important, and I'll definitely consider the article she suggested. Thanks, Suzanne!
Picture of Maine Coon Gray Boy

Maine Coon Gray Boy

© Suzanne Honey
I volunteer for a rescue group in Bakersfield, CA called The Cat People. I work at a Community Learning Center in a park and rescue the friendly cats in the park - I feed the ferals. A park employee was accused of trapping cats in his Condo Park and dumping them in the public park., we had an unusual amount of bred cats being dumped here. Since he was caught it has slowed tremendously (don't worry - I run found ads for all of them).

We still have people dumping kittens in the park. I would love to see an article on why you shouldn't dump cats and dogs in parks and what really happens to them.

Gray Boy: Gray Boy is huge! Was declawed on all paws and dumped in a park. I'm sure his size is what saved him. I rescued him and found him a new home.

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