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Everyone agrees that the Persian was high on the list of esteemed "possessions" by royalty, from the king of Persia to the kings and queens of England. In the late 19th century, North America discovered the Persian cat, and it soon reached the zenith of being the most popular cat in the United States, an honor it still holds today, throughout the world. Enjoy these photos of lovely Persian cats, provided by their owners.

With its glorious long-flowing coat and sweet face to match its disposition, it is no wonder the Persian is the favorite cat among all pedigreed breeds. Persians require a secure, serene environment, but once they feel safe, they will be a constant source of pleasure to the lucky household that is owned by a Persian.

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Picture of Persian Cat Azurine Ambrosia aka "Bluie"Persian Cats Picture Gallery: "Bluie"Picture of Persian Kitten LollipopPersian Cats Picture Gallery: LollipopPicture of Persian Kitten Storm FelixPersian Cats Picture Gallery: Storm FelixPicture of Persian Cat NewtonPersian Cats Picture Gallery: Newton
Picture of Himalayan Cat DollyPersian Cats Picture Gallery: DollyPicture of Persian Kitten Princess SassypantsPersian Cats Picture Gallery: Princess SassypantsPicture of Himalayan Cat KaosPersian Cats Picture Gallery: KaosPicture of Persian Cat T.C.Persian Cats Picture Gallery: T.C.
Picture of Persian Kitten Sir MunchPersian Cats Picture Gallery: MunchPicture of Persian Cat MinMinPersian Cats Picture Gallery: MinMinPhoto of Persian Cat MikaPersian Cats Picture Gallery: MikaPhoto of Persian Cat Crimson LongPersian Cats Picture Gallery: Crimson Long
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