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La Perm Cat Breed Profile


Picture of La Perm Cat Tipi

La Perm Cat Tipi

Photo Credit: © Jerrie Wolfe

La Perm Description:

The La Perm is one of the "curly-wavy" coated cat breeds, which include the Rex Breeds (Devon, Cornish Rex, and Selkirk Rex.

The La Perm cat's curly or wavy coat is its most remarkable and identifiable feature. Unlike other Rex breeds, the La Perm's coat may be medium to long, creating a very beautiful cat, soft to the touch, with a coat that floats with a breath of air. There seems to be "no holds barred" in CFA's allowed colors. The La Perm may be of any color or color pattern imaginable, including points. Its eye colors run the gamut of gold through aqua, with "odd eyes" allowed.

La Perm Personality:

La Perm cats are lauded for their lovable personality. They love human contact, and are ideal "lap cats." They are inquisitive and active, and very intelligent, but will drop whatever they are doing to sit on your lap when invited. The La Perm is a truly captivating cat, delighting everyone who sees one. The CFA Profile says, "Once a LaPerm graces your household you will be hard pressed to think of living with any other breed and may find it a necessity to have more than one."

La Perm History:

The La Perm originated from a mutuation among a group of "barn cats" in 1982 on an Oregon farm located near the ancient hunting and fishing grounds of the Wishram Indians. According to the CFA La Perm profile, a single kitten of a litter of six was born completely bald. "While the kitten had no hair, it had a blueprint pattern on her skin that mimicked a classic tabby pattern."

"Within eight weeks the kitten began to grow very soft, curly hair. At three to four months of age the kitten, now named 'Curly,' had a full coat of curly hair. Not being very knowledgeable about cats, the owner accepted the 'mutant' as unique and thought nothing more of the matter." Note: the owner has been identified as Linda Koehl.

Bald kittens continued to turn up sporadically in litters of the barn cats. The owner, knowing nothing about genetics, finally decided to learn more about breeding. Once she discovered more about breeding, she started separating the cats and controlling their breeding.

Linda Koehl named them "La Perm" ("wavy or rippled"). The cats were received so enthusiastically in shows that the rest is a matter of history.

The allowed outcrossing for CFA Championship status is still domestic longhair and domestic shorthair cats. However, kittens born on or after January, 2015 may have only LaPerm parents.

Photo Credit:

The photo shown here is TICA Supreme Grand Champion Arohanui BC Tiponi Seal Silver Torbie Point and White LaPerm. Tipi is the first whole cat LaPerm Supreme in TICA.

Tipi is owned by Jerrie & Ernie Wolfe, of Arohanua La Perms.

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