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Receive the Priceless Gift of Unconditional Love: Adopt a Shelter Cat


The Adoptable Shelter Cat Gallery was envisioned as a way of getting homeless cats in animal shelters and cat rescues into the public limelight, and helping special shelter cats find loving forever homes. It is a way for me to give back to the cats who have taught me so much about life, courage, companionship, and unconditional love. You may reap all those wondrous benefits too, by giving a loving home to one of these shelter cats in your area.

Shelters and Cat Rescues: Your adoptable shelter cats are welcome for this gallery. Each week I also select one cat from the gallery as my Adoptable Shelter Cat of the Week on my main page. I've simplified the submission process with an easy Shelter Cat Submittal Form. Remember, it's for the cats!

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Mr. Krinkle, Available at National Cat Protection Society, Spring Valley, CAAdoptable Shelter Cats Picture Gallery: Mr. Krinkleadoptable shelter cats, red catsAdoptable Shelter Cat, SteveSonny, Available at Tabby's Place, Ringoes, N.J.Adoptable Shelter Cat, Sonny - ADOPTED!Dazzle is Available at Little Orphan Angels, Keller, TXAdoptable Shelter Cat, Dazzle
Peter, Adoptable through H.A.L.O., Antioch, CAAdoptable Rescue Cat PeterAdoptable Rescue Cat CarterAdoptable Rescue Kitten CarterEdward, Available at Tabby's Place, Ringoes, New JerseyAdoptable Shelter Cat: EdwardAdoptable Rescue Cat Greta: Available in Palm City, FLAdoptable Rescue Cat Gretel
Felix and Fionna, Adoptable at Placer SPCA, CA, Roseville, CAAdoptable Shelter Cats: Felix and FionaAdoptable Shelter Cat LukeAdoptable Shelter Cat: Luke ADOPTED!LuLu, Adoptable at Placer SPCA, CAAdoptable Shelter Cat: LuLuadoptable shelter cats, cat adoption, tabby's placeAdoptable Shelter Cat: Mr. Grey
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