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Learn all about cat breed profiles; breeding and genetics; breed photo albums; breeder listings of popular breeds of cats; breed rescue organizations; cat registries and clubs; and information on cat shows and showing cats. Included are discussions of tabby cats and other color patterns.
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How You Can Tell if Your Cat is a Purebred
Confused about what breed of cat you just adopted? The chances are that if you just found your cat on the street, or adopted him from a shelter, he is not a breed at all, but a domestic cat. However, if he meets certain criteria, you may safely call him a "mixed breed" cat, depending on what breed he resembles most. Learn more about the difference between purebreds and breed "look-alikes" with th…

Profile of the Mixed Breed and Domestic aka Moggie Cat
Because so many people are fixated on 'cat breeds,' I'm including a 'breed profile' of the mixed breed cats, along with moggies, which are cats of unknown breed.

The Wild Look in Cats - Profiles of cats bred for the wild look
Learn why cats with the wild look are so popular, and see photos and breed information for cats such as Bengals, Ocicats, and Savannahs.

Learn more about the Chausie cat breed, developed to display the look of the wild. You can also share your stories and photos about Life With a Chausie Cat on this site.

Cats for Sale Ads - Experiences with buying a cat from and Internet C…
In my article, Before You Before You Buy From a "Cats for Sale" Ad, I offered a set of guidelines to follow to avoid disappointment. The article was aimed toward people looking to purchase a purebred cat from a breeder, to avoid the problems of getting a "kitten mill" cat. If you have purchased a cat through a "cats for sale" ad, please share your experiences with other readers.

"Cats for Sale" Ads
Don't be blindly taken in by "Cats for Sale" ads you see on the Internet, especially when you are looking for a purebred cat. Even if you are just looking for a pet, you should do your homework first.

Queen: Glossary Definition of "Queen" as related to Cats
Glossary definition of queen as related to cats

Stud aka Stud Cat
Cats glossary definition of stud, as in stud service.

Backyard Breeder
Definition of Backyard Breeder, and how to identify a backyard breeder or kitten mill.

Before You Buy From a "Cats for Sale" Ad
Don't be blindly taken in by "Cats for Sale" ads you see on the Internet, especially when you are looking for a purebred cat. Even if you are just looking for a pet, you should do your homework first.

Male cat doesn't want to mate with female.
My male Selkirk Rex doesn't want to mate my Himalayan female. Is he homosexual or just asexual? Should I just neuter him? From the mailbox of Franny Syufy, Guide to Cats for About.com

Breed of the Week Email Course
Each week, you'll receive a link to a profile of a different breed; sometimes links to breed photo galleries will be included, when available. If you are interested in "purebred" cats, this is a good way to learn more about each individual breed's characteristics.

Cat Breeds - Mixed Breeds - Color Patterns
Cat lovers who are not actively involved in the cat fancy, often are confused about identifying terms, such as purebreed, DSH, and tabby. Learn more about the qualifying differences between these terms.

What breed is my cat - Breeds FAQ
One of the most frequent questions I receive (usually accompanied by a photo) is 'what breed is my cat?' a question that simply cannot be answered in a sentence or two. FAQ on breeds from the mailbox of Franny Syufy.

About Breed Rescue
A synopsis of what breed rescue is all about, from your Cats guide.

The Glorious Tabby
It's time to extoll the virtues of the common but glorious tabby cat, along with some legends about the magnificent M on the forehead of the tabby. Although the tabby is often mistaken for a breed, it is really a coat pattern, found in many breeds as well as in "Moggies."

CFA - What is a Standard?
CFA article describing the usage of standards in judging cat breeds in shows.

Fanciers Breeder Referral List, the place to look for breeder information on most breeds.

Ready... Set ... Show
Helpful "how-to" information for entering your own cat in a CFA show, and everything you should expect when you arrive at the show hall.

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