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Longhair Cats Picture Gallery


Longhaired cats are prized for the beauty of their coats - long and glossy, fluffy, or thick and rich. Longhair breeds include the popular Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Persian, Siberian, and Somali. Although grooming a longhair cat can be time-consuming, many cat lovers find the extra work well worth the time, when their friends oooh and ahhh over the beauty of their cats' coats. Some of our forum members refer to these coats as "floofy," which may sound a little silly, but is highly descriptive.

You may submit your own longhair cat's photo by observing the Photo Submittal Guidelines. I'm sorry, but photos sent without all the required information will not be accepted.

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PatchesLonghair Cats Picture Gallery: PatchesPepeLonghair Cats Picture Gallery: PepeDoughnutLonghair Cats Picture Gallery: DoughnutLouieLonghair Cats Picture Gallery: Louie
NormalLonghair Cats Picture Gallery: NormalOliverLonghair Cats Picture Gallery: OliverBoscoLonghair Cats Picture Gallery: BoscoCallieLonghair Cats Picture Gallery: Callie
ReeceLonghair Cats Picture Gallery: Reece
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