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Pictures of Many-Toed Cats aka Hemingway Cats


Whether called "polydactyls," "Hemingway Cats," or "Mittens," these many-toed cats warm the hearts and hearths of those people fortunate to share a home with one. The extra toes on polydactyl cats produce very wide feet which have been variously described as resembling "paddles," "snowshoes," or "waffles," when they walk. You'll appreciate those descriptions when you see these pictures of polydactyl kitties submitted by readers of About.cats.

You may submit your own photos and stories of your polydactyl Cats, using the "Share Your Story" form (linked below).

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Picture of Polydact Cat MaggiePolydactyl Cats Picture Gallery: MaggiePicture of Polydact Cat ToeiePolydactyl Cats Picture Gallery: ToeiePicture of polydact cat ChesterPolydactyl Cats Picture Gallery: ChesterPicture of polydact cat IsmoPolydactyl Cats Picture Gallery: Ismo
Picture of Polydact Cat NukeyPolydactyl Cats Picture Gallery: Nukey-DPicture of polydact cat BonniePolydactyl Cats Picture Gallery: BonniePicture of polydact kitten FigletPolydactyl Cats Picture Gallery: FigletPicture of Polydactyl Cat SweetiePolydactyl Cats Picture Gallery: Sweetie
Picture of Isabella, a Polydactyl CatPolydactyl Cats Picture Gallery: IsabellaPicture of Polydactyl Cat BennyPolydactyl Cats Picture Gallery: BennyPicture of Polydact Cat, CowboyPolydactyl Cats Picture Gallery: CowboyPicture of Polydact Kitten GimperPolydactyl Cats Picture Gallery: Gimper
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