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Polydactyl Cats Picture Gallery: General Grievous

Pictures of Many-Toed Cats aka Hemingway Cats


Picture of Polydactyl Cat General Grievous

Polydactyl Cat General Grievous

© Deborah Diamond
The cat's name is General Grievous, which is a character from "Star Wars". The character is a villian, who hunts and kills Jedi for sport. Grevious was rescued from the Carson Valley shelter (a no-kill facility). [My brother] Gus liked the cat and then he saw the feet, and said "that one looks wierd." The shelter worker told him all about polydactyl cats, and asked him what the cat was for, and he told her as a mouser. Well, when she informed him that these cats were primarily bred to catch mice, he was sold. Now he loves the cute mitten feet and Grievous, despite his evil name, is a calm, lovely cat (unless you are a mouse).
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