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Polydactyl Cats Picture Gallery: Seven

Pictures of Many-Toed Cats aka Hemingway Cats


Photo of Polydactyl cat Seven


Photo Credit: © Amber Nicole Szymanski
My baby's name is Seven. He is two months old. I found him on the side of the highway when he was about three weeks old. He has two "big brothers" and one "big sister": Jingles, a 6 year old Tabby cat, Luke, a 4 year old Boxer, and Sophie a 1 year old Boxer (whom is in the above picture with him) Seven has six toes on his front left paw, seven toes on his font right paw and five toes on each of his back paws.

He has the most hilarious attitude I have ever seen! He is spoiled rotten and he knows this! Seven knows his mommy will give him whatever he wants!

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