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Funny Cat Pictures

Readers Share in 7 Funny Cat Picture Galleries


The very best photo ops for cat lovers is when we manage to capture with camera or smart phone  a cat in a comical pose or napping in a strange place, such as a cooking pot or the bathroom sink. Enjoy this assembly of funny cat picture galleries, including Container Cats, Silly Sleeper Cats, Gift-Bearing Cats, and Funniest Cats.

You can submit your own cat photo to any of these galleries by using the simple online form provided for each cat picture gallery.

Funniest Cat Pictures

Picture of Funny Cat, Callie
Photo Credit: © jeana1346, About.com Member

Almost nothing is as amusing to a cat lover than a funny picture of a cat. I don't know of any cat who sets out to be funny. They just somehow manage to do so, by what I call "cats being cats," and a cat trying to be serious can be very funny, indeed.

About.com has made it possible for you to upload your own funniest cat photos to share with our readers, with an easy to use online form.

See the Pictures | Your Funniest Cat Picture

Silly Sleeper Cats

Picture of Creme Brulee, Silly Sleeper Cat
Photo Credit: © Megan Antijunti, About.com Guest

Cats have a way of finding the most unusual positions while they sleep, which often look silly when photographed. My thoughts on seeing them are "what a silly sleeper."

You can upload your own silly sleeper cat picture to share with our readers, with an easy to use online form.

See the Gallery | Your Silly Sleeper Cat

Gift-Bearing Cats

Picture of Pepper, a Gift-Bearing Cat
Photo Credit: © Louise Viens, About.com Member

It's been my experience that my smartest, most loving cats have had one trait in common: they had a fetish for bringing me gifts. Behavior experts will tell you that it is a nurturing instinct, common with both female cats and "alpha" cats - cats who manage a household. I suspect that, at least in the case of my own cats, bringing me gifts may be nurturing, but more often, it is sending me a clear message to remember who is boss. My Bubba was a case in point. He brought me little green (live) snakes, clumps of water hyacinths, and once a dead catfish.

If you are able to snap a photo of your gift-bearing cat, share it with our readers by using this easy form.

See the Gallery | Your Gift-Bearing Cat

Container Cats Picture Gallery

Picture of Cat Callie, Packed, Ticket in Paw
Photo Credit: © DAllen221, About.com Member

Cats are noted for their propensity of seeking out places to hide - places not originally intended for cats, such as kitchen sinks, boxes, baskets, slippers, and such.Perhaps they're just looking for a new and interesting place to catnap. Or could it just be a way of saying "gotcha!" to their amazed humans?

Grab that camera or cell phone the next time you catch yourself in a dresser drawer or other strange place, and use the form below to submit it.

See the Gallery | Your Container Cat

Furry Bathroom Buddies

Drake Can be Face-to-Face With His Human From the Sink
Photo of Drake, Credit: © Jennifer Van Dyne

I realize that most of us do not bring our cameras with us when we have "business" in the bathroom. However, we're missing a huge photo-op when our furry bathroom buddies tag along.

Does your cat (or cats) crave attention in the bathroom? Does he or she love to drink from the bathroom faucet, watch the toilet flush, or (heaven forbid!) play with the toilet paper roll?

Read the Stories | Post Your Story and Photo

How I Human-Proofed my Cat House

Mimic Used the Cat Tree as the First Step to Sleeping on the Bed
Photo Credit: © dinane, About.com Member

Attention cats! Have you been successful in human-proofing your cat house to make it truly yours? You can provide a great service to other cats on the Kitty 'Net by sharing your best tips for human-proofing a cat house.

Read this Cat House Primer, then share your own original ideas with other cats, by pawing your advice in an easy form.

Read the Stories | Your Story

Creative Uses for Cat Fur

Put Cat Fur in Bird Nest to Shelter and Warm Baby Birds
Photo Credit: © iStock Photo/Reuben Schulz

During the Gulf Oil Spill of 2010, one relief effort for the endangered birds and wildlife was the use of "booms" consisting of tightly packed cat fur, and collected by PetCo grooming salons, working with Matter of Trust. I asked my forum members for their own ideas of creative uses for cat fur. One idea I liked a lot was from forum member, Tabbyfur. She collects fur combings and puts bunches out on bushes in the garden for nesting birds to collect. She wrote: "I have a big bag full waiting to go out when it gets a bit warmer. I thought the cats might do their bit for conservation - sort of lessen their carbon paw prints so to speak, by helping baby birds. Actually the birds collect it."

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