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Habits to Practice for a Cat-Safe Home


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Don't Let Your Cat Become a Statistic
dish of chocolate candy

Chocolates should be stored in closed containers, rather than openly displayed in a candy dish.

Franny Syufy
We sometimes take life with our cats for granted until some disaster befalls our cat, or the cat of someone we know. Almost daily, somewhere in the world, a cat falls out of an open window, becomes trapped in a clothes dryer, or swallows hazardous or toxic objects. None of us ever want our treasured cat to become a statistic.

Several habits can be developed, which if practiced religiously, can prevent many of those unforeseen accidents involving day-to-day activities in a household with cats. For example, as tempting as it may be, chocolate candies should never be displayed openly in a home with cats, as chocolate is synonymous with toxicity to a cat.

You'll first want to lay some groundwork by doing an initial cat-proofing of your home. The things you observe and correct will help make many of these habits come to you automatically.

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