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Cats Picture Calendar for July


Calico cats represent the brilliant rainbow of colors in a sunny July day. Of all cat color patterns, Calicos are perhaps the loveliest with their tri-colored exuberance. Although most Calicos are females because of genetics, the rare male does sometimes pop up, as you may see in this album.

Enjoy this picture calendar featuring colorful calico cats, then send your own calico photo, if you're lucky enough to share your home with one. Please use the photo guidelines linked below under "Suggested Reading."

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Calico Cats Picture Gallery: SummerPicture of Calico Callie on TreeCalico Cats Picture Gallery: Callie (Picture 2)Picture of Calico cat, CallieCalico Cats Picture Gallery: CallieCalico Cats Picture Gallery: Pippin
Picture of Calico cat, TroubleCalico Cats Picture Gallery: TroublePicture of Calico cat Trouble, stalking a lureCalico Cats Picture Gallery: Trouble, the HuntressPicture of Calico cat, MuffinCalico Cats Picture Gallery: MuffinPicture of Calico cat, AbigailCalico Cats Picture Gallery: Abigail
Picture of calico cat AshleyCalico Cats Picture Gallery: AshleyPicture of calico cat MojoCalico Cats Picture Gallery: MojoPicture of calico cat CleoCalico Cats Picture Gallery: CleoPicture of Calico cat MauiCalico Cats Picture Gallery: Maui
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