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Top Interactive Toys for Cats


Playing with your cat is essential for bonding, weight control, and for helping your cat develop muscle tone, agility, and stamina. Some of these toys were designed for cats' individual play, but can be converted for interactive use. These are our cats' and humans' very favorite toys.


Da Bird Interactive Toy for Cats
DaBird is the top pick not only among our GuideCats, but with all the members of the Cats Forum who have tried it with their cats. DaBird provides hours of interactive play for your cats; in fact you should put it away before they wear themselves out.

Neko Flies

Seren with the Katarantula
Photo Credit: © Amy Shojai, CABC

From the Amy Shojai, CABC review:

"The 'flies' are realistic, light weight, and move easily through the air. These are not "tug toys" but rather lures to entice your cat to chase and bat at the target. The designs vary from rather delicate looking bugs to sturdier mouse lures. My cat Seren went absolutely nuts for the toy!"

Kitten Mitten

Photo of Kitten Mitten
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
One of the first rules in training kittens is "do not teach them that hands are toys." The Kitten Mitten, with its 9 1/2 inch fingers is a perfect compromise for those people (usually men) who want to be personally involved in playing with cats. Give your cat and kitten plenty of interactive play, while protecting your hands from painful scratches.
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Cat Charmer by Cat Dancer

Photo of Cat Dancer Cat Charmer
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
This flexible wand toy with the attached 48" fabric "tail" is irresistible to cats. Trail the tail along the floor and give it a wiggle, or whirl it in the air and watch your cat leap and cavort as he tries to catch it. Caution: This toy should not be left alone with your cat. For safety reasons, always put away long stringlike toys after play.
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FlutterBalls by SmartyKat

FlutterBalls Cat Toys
Franny Syufy
We originally purchased a card (they come three to a card) of FlutterBalls because of their enticing appearance. They are balls covered with an eye-catching animal print fleece cover, with a detachable feather section which gives them a very lifelike resemblence to real "prey," and the fiberfill stuffing gives them the bouncing action that cats love. Although they are great "play-alone" toys, they are more fun as interactive cat toys. You can toss them in the air and their fluttering downward fall and bounce is irresistible to cats.

Laser Pet Toy

Photo of Laser Pet Toy
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Your cat may spend hours chasing that crazy moving "bug," and an optional mouse hologram provided with some prands ups the excitement. To avoid kitty frustration, alternate play with the laser toy with play with "prey" so your cat can satisfy his need to catch something tangible. And of course, be careful never to shine the beam directly into your cat's eyes.

Panic Mouse

Panic Mouse
For supervised cat play, Panic Mouse is the closest match to the real thing, and our GuideCats who tested it went crazy over it. It uses computer generation for erratic movement of the wand and lure, and the wand is detachable for interactive play.
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