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Video: Young Cat in Heat

Capturing the "Flirty" Behavior of Sadie, Experiencing Estrus


Readers often ask me if their cat is in heat, listing descriptions of her physical activities. This YouTube video vividly captures the flirty behavior of Sadie, a young cat who was spayed shortly after this video was filmed. The author, a member of About Cats Forum, lives in a forested area, where passersby often dump their unwanted cats, and Ron rescues as many as possible. Sometimes it takes him many months to gain the confidence and trust of the scared outcasts and their offspring. Sadie is the 13th cat or kitten he has rescued and brought into his warm, comfortable home. The neutered male feline residents spurned Sadie's flirtatious behavior, so she had to content herself with playing out her fantasies by herself. Spay-neuter advocates will be glad to know that Sadie has been spayed.

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