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Nothing is more frustrating than searching for the source of cat urine odor. Black light technology makes use of special ultra-violet rays which are on the same wavelength as biological waste, such as cat urine, thus turning a tedious task into a breeze. Other side uses for black lights include detection of ringworm.

1. Stink-Finder Light

Seeks out those disgusting stains, such as urine, vomit or feces. This 10 1/2" black light flashlight gets into those nooks and crannies easily where accidents most often occur: under beds, behind furniture, or in closets. Uses three "D" batteries, not included.

2. Hand-Held 6" Black Light

Inexpensive and portable black light will help you locate the sources of cat urine odor problem for faster, more effective odor elimination.

3. LED Flashlight Black Light

The flashlight grip keeps your other hand free for examining clothing, curtains, and moving things out of the way as you search for urine stains. Takes three AAA batteries (included).
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