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When will my cat's kittens be born?


Question: When will my cat's kittens be born?
Answer: If you know the date of your cat's last estrus (heat) cycle, you can calculate fairly closely to the right date. The broadest range of gestation in cats that I can determine by combining the times given by various experts, is as short as 58 days, and as long as 71, but the average is somewhere between 60 and 65 days. For our purposes, let's use 63 days. Why? Because I find that number to lie somewhere in the middle, and because it's easy to remember by equating nine weeks of a cat's pregnancy to nine months in humans.

The best way to estimate the projected delivery date would be to have your veterinarian examine your cat. If she is far enough along in her pregnancy, he or she will be able to palpate (feel) the kittens in your cat's uterus. If necessary, an xray can verify the number and approximate age of the foetuses.

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