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There has long been a notion that "real men don't love cats." Perhaps some men are threatened by cats' sense of superiority, perhaps some guys think it's a "girl thing" to love cats, perhaps other men are just "dog people." But we're here to dispel the notion that real men don't love cats, and we'll prove it with these photos. These men are not threatened by their cats; on the contrary, they respect them and admire them for being secure within their own feline personas. A lot of that has to do with the fact that men who love cats are secure within their own maleness.

And just like the other popular pet species, cats love their men, and many of them prefer the male members of their human families over the females. Men and their cats don't have a master-servant relationship, but one based on mutual respect and trust.

So, put aside those old fallacies, and enjoy these pictures of real guys with their cats.

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Cat Man Roger and his Kitty MoochCat Men Picture Gallery: Roger and MoochGeorge and Sally RooCat Men Picture Gallery: George and Sally RooPhoto of DH sleeping with kitty AnuCat Men Picture Gallery: DH and AnuPhoto of Ralph & AmberCat Men Picture Gallery: Ralph & Amber
Photo of Aaron & Kitty CCCat Men Picture Gallery: Aaron and CCPhoto of Cat Man Kelly with Casper, Nicky, and RavenCat Men Picture Gallery: Kelly with Casper, Nicky, and RavenPhoto of Bill With Snickers and Baby GirlCat Men Picture Gallery: Bill With Snickers and Baby GirlPhoto of Cat Man Thomas and HalleyCat Men Picture Gallery: Thomas and Halley
Photo of Cat Lover Mike and SebastianCat Men Picture Gallery: Mike and SebastianPhoto of Cat Man Dan and PeteCat Men Picture Gallery: Dan and PetePhoto of Pat and OscarCat Men Picture Gallery: Pat and OscarPhoto of Cat Man Isaiah and WolfgangCat Men Picture Gallery: Isaiah and Wolfgang
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