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Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs


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Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs
Mongo Likes Cats - Really!

Mongo Likes Cats - Really!

Image © Franny Syufy

Although the number of households in the United States with dogs as pets are higher, the number of pet cats in the United States is higher. Why? One reason is that people who have cats as pets are so happy with them that they are always ready to welcome another cat in as a new family member. While one or two dogs can make a happy pet family, five or six pooches can be bedlam.

While my family has had both cats and dogs as pets in the past, our current four cats have never lived with dogs, nor have any dogs ever visited our home. Our last dog, a little Lhasa Apso named Mongo, met a tragic demise in 1994, when he escaped our fenced yard and trespassed into the enclosed yard of a neighbor to try to mate with his female Doberman. Ms. Dobie wasn't having any part of his amorous but boistrous foreplay, and told him so quite vehemently. I'd like to think that Mongo went to the Rainbow Bridge with a smile on his homely but lovable little mug.

While I loved my dogs without reservation, I am of the opinion that cats make better pets.

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