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Feline Rescue

Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) programs have proved to be the only effective means of successfully managing feral cat colonies. Learn how to set up your own TNR program, or find active TNR groups in your own area.
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Cat Adoption, Shelter Volunteers, Cat Rescue and Foster
Volunteers for animal shelters and cat rescue groups make it possible for us to adopt the cats we love so much. Readers share their cat pictures and stories of shelter cat adoption, kitten fostering, as well as TNR/cat rescue groups.

They Had Me At Meow
Somewhere in Northern California lies a small lake which provides a sort of haven for nature lovers seeking refuge from the close-by intrusions of housing developments and shopping malls. Many of the people who walk the paths around the lake may be unaware that it also is a haven for the cats of Buster Hollow, those cats Rosie Sorenson writes...

Why I TNR and Rescue Cats
The universal cat overpopulation problem has attracted a growing swell of volunteers engaged in TNR and rescue of stray cats from city streets, parks, and rural areas. Rescue is a vital part of TNR, because often some of the stray cats and their litters of kittens can be saved by fostering and placing them in responsible permanent homes. Thus, TNR and rescue often go hand-in-hand. If you are act…

How I Became a Surrogate Mom or Dad to a Litter of Kittens
Fostering litters of kittens is a wonderful way to help the cat population problem, while also enjoying kittens grow and thrive under your loving care. While it may be sad to give up a kitten you've nurtured for weeks, it is a joyous event to see that baby go to a permanent loving home. Many cat lovers become kitten fosters by accident, e.g. finding an abandoned litter of kittens, or having a pre…

How do you keep your feral cats from freezing in winter weather - rea…
A reader asked how to protect a little stray cat from the cold winter weather . Here is a chance for feral cat colony managers to offer their best advice.

Project Jersey Kitties
Follow the story of barn cat Tiger Lily and her three kittens through an amazing saga of rescue, travel and adoption. This happy ending story will delight cat lovers.

Chucky's Happy Ending
Chucky, a Cat of the Week on About.com who was a rescue cat with a badly injured leg, found a new home with a reader who lived 1,300 miles away. Follow this illustrated happy ending story in Chucky's new forever home.

Morris Million Cat Rescue
I had the pleasure of interviewing Randy Jackson about the inauguration of the second annual Morris' Million Cat Rescue from 9 Lives, home of the famous Morris. Read my review including the latest news about the Million Cat Rescue, as well as what's coming up professionally for Randy Jackson.

Cat Rescue Picture Gallery
Thousands of volunteers all over the world dedicate their lives to cat rescue operations, whether it be TNR, feral cat colony management, fostering rescued cats and kittens, or rehoming stray cats. Browse this picture album of rescued cats, including some happy ending stories, and consider if you have what it takes for this rewarding challenge of cat rescue.

Cat Rescue Picture Gallery - Personal Rescues
Cat rescue not only involves organized groups, but also those generous individuals who rescue abandoned, injured, or abused cats and personally adopt them into their own homes. These pictures depict cats whose lives have changed completely in their new forever homes.

The Homeless - A Story for Homeless Cats Everywhere
I wrote this story a few years ago in acknowledgement of "Homeless Cats Day," but it is equally fitting for Feral Cat Day, or any day of the year, in honor of feral cat rescuers and TNR volunteers.

Profile: Tabby's Place - A Cat Sanctuary
Founded on a dream, managed with sound principles, by selfless volunteers, and a dedicated board of trustees, Tabby's Place is truly the epitome of a cat sanctuary. One of my biggest pleasures is the monthly update on the special needs cats I sponsor. I highly recommend the experience.

Should a Rescued Pregnant Cat be Spayed ?
One of the most controversial issues is whether or not to spay a rescued pregnant cat. While some people are repulsed at the thought of killing kittens, others believe the question begs a larger issue, that of the overpopulation problem.

Thirteen Souls - An Essay in Tribute
Jim Willis lost his sanctuary home and thirteen of his beloved rescues to fire in January, 2004, on his birthday. This essay is dedicated to those nine dogs and four cats, and to the man who rescued and loved them.

The Animals' Savior - Guest Article by Jim Willis
This small piece moved me to tears when I first read it. It has become a beacon of strength for hundreds of selfless workers in animal shelters, rescue organizations, and other volunteers for animals

Feral Cats -- Love 'Em and Leave 'Em
Disputes and discussions about the universal problem of strays and feral cats, and how best to manage them.

Feral Cats: "Weeds" or Victims?
Texas Aggie Ferals are threatened as wildlife experts recommend killing them as a superior alternative to the successful spay-neuter-release management program of AFCA.

FERALS - Feed em - Fix em - Free em
By Stephanie Olsen, guest writer. Helpful advice for managing your own feral cat colony from someone with experience on two continents. This is Stephanie's second guest article for About Cats.

FootPrints in the Snow
If you've ever thought about rescuing strays and street cats, this site, created by a longtime About Cats forum member, is a great place to start. It offers easy-to-read advice about the "befriending" method of rescue, by a real expert.

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