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Top Picks Gifts for Cat Lovers

Take a look at my top picks of gifts for cat lovers before buying cat jewelry, cat art, or cat collectibles for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

2013 Cat Calendars
If I don't receive at least one cat calendar every year, I make a point of buying one myself. Featured here are several, depicting cats of favorite colors, color patterns, and breeds.

Manet's Cats: Prints from the Famous Artists' Cats Series
Eve Riser-Roberts has created exquisite paintings of cats as the famous masters would have painted them. These are true prints, not posters; they are on a very heavy, fine quality paper, and the colors are crisp and true. Canvas transfers and original paintings are also available.

Products for Displaying Cat Pictures
There is no pride quite so personal as the pride of a cat lover over his or her cats, and no better way to share that pride than with pictures. You can always spot a true cat lover by the number of cat pictures displayed in her home, and these products provide everything needed to make the most of those cat photo displays.

Gifts for Cat Lovers
Cat lovers are the easiest people in the world to thrill with a gift, because anything cat-related will be welcome. These are my latest top picks for gifts for a cat lover for the holidays, for any other special occasion, or even "just because."

Gifts for Female Cat Lovers - Top Picks
Women who love cats are the easiest people in the world to buy gifts for. They always love anything and everything related to cats, whether it be cat-themed jewelry, books about cats, calendars featuring cats or cat-related home decor. Here are my top picks to help you with ideas for your female friends who love cats.

Cats Wall Decor - Prints and Posters
Cat lovers can be identified instantly when you enter their homes and see all the wall decor, which usually includes framed prints and posters of cats. These are my 10 particular favorites, from the stunning and imaginative art of Eve Riser-Roberts to the outrageous paintings by Andy Warhohl.

Movies About Cats
Movies about cats run the gamut, from cartoons, to family films, to educational films. These picks combine the best of each genre, and most of them (with the exception of the last) will appeal to all ages of cat lovers. Most of these are available in both DVD and Video.

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