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Exceptionally Intelligent Cats

Readers Tell Stories About Smart Cats


Most of us agree that cats possess an innate intelligence. However, occasionally there comes along a cat who seems to carry that intelligence up a notch. Take Sasha, the cat who developed her own tools. Or Kishta, who not only learned how to open doors by herself, but taught other family cats how to do so. Read more about these exceptionally intelligent cats, then submit your own long or short story about your extremely smart cat.

1. Sasha, the Cat Who Used Tools

Sasha and Young Friend
Photo Credit: © Justin Lancaster
The cat I observed using a tool was a solid, light-gray, domestic long haired cat. We first met her as a stray kitten in San Diego in 1988; we took her in and named her Sasha. We noticed signs of unusual intelligence early on; Sasha was fascinated, for instance, by the water disappearing down a flushing toilet. Sasha moved with us to Lexington, MA, in 1991.

The tool that Sasha used was a cotton hair "scrunchy".

2. The Cat That Came A'Calling

Photo of Cici, another Tool-Using Cat
Photo Credit: © Grace
Ceci is a remarkably intelligent cat, indeed. She learned how to flush the toilet at an early age, and was fascinated to watch the swirling. Ceci also developed a unique way of "requesting entrance" into the bedroom at night.

3. Kishta, a Most Intelligent Cat

Kishta was one of a pair of kittens, the only two who didn't scatter after her mother had been hit by a car next to the dumpster. Covered with tarry oil (we lived near a construction site at the time) and mewing pitifully, she and her orange tabby brother were an easy sell.

Her rescue story is typical, not worth another sentence. What is fascinating is her intelligence, which at age 2, even my skeptical husband acknowledges. Kishta watches everything: not everything that moves, but every process. For example, my husband's home-office is off limits to felines, much to their dismay.

4. Sable, an Amazingly Intelligent Cat

Picture of Intelligent Cat, Sable
Photo Credit: © Sable's Student
Sable is not only amazingly intelligent, but extremely sensitive also. Case in point: Sable, like many other cats, loves to play fetch with family members. However, she alters her routine with a family member who is blind, to enable him to more easily play the game.
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