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FAQ: Cat Health

Unfortunately, I am not a veterinarinan, and even if I were, my advice to questions on health would usually be, "take the cat to the vet." However, I sometimes can help with general questions. Most of these cat health FAQs fall into that category.

Why is my Cat Vomiting Frequently?
A reader was worried because her cat had been vomiting, and wanted to know what could be wrong with him and what she could do to help him. Read my reply for more information.

How Do I Express my Cat's Anal Glands?
Health FAQ from reader. My cat is 6 years old and every now and then she smells fishy. I do not see that she has any type of anal drainage or needs to be cleaned as she is constantly cleaning there. I do use a wet wipe and clean her up anyways and it seems to taken care of the smell for about a day. I just read about anal sac expression and how it smells fishy and her anal sacs need to be drained. Any idea of the vet cost to have this done? Can I do it myself; if so, how? Read my reply.

Is marijuana toxic to cats?
A reader wants to know if marijuana is toxic to cats. Will inhaling second-hand pot smoke cause problems? How about eating the leaves of the plant? I've heard that it it just the same as catnip, as far as cats go, but I wouldn't want to do anything to harm my cats.

Can my cat catch my cold?
A reader writes: 'I have a 9 month old cat So far she seems pretty healthy and up to date on her vaccinations. But my question is(and I haven't seen it addressed anywhere) right now I'm sick with a cold, like other humans, are cats able to catch colds/the flu from humans too? I wouldn't want this to cause any problems for her. If you could answer this I'd appreciate it. Thanks!' Read my answer to this frequently asked question.

Can you help stop my cat from dragging his butt across my carpet?
This reader has a problem with her cat dragging his butt across the carpet after using his litterbox. Read my reply to this FAQ about cats.

How sensitive is cats hearing - Health FAQ
FAQ on cats' hearing. Sometimes when I'm listening to music or just watching an action movie, I notice my cat always leaves her comfortable and favorite place in the livingroom and goes into the bedroom under the bed where it's quiet. I can't help but wonder if and how much damage am I inflicting on her?

Dangers in Dry-Pilling of Cats - Cat Health FAQ
What is wrong with dry-pilling cats? I've read that it can be dangerous but don't understand why. Learn more from this cat health FAQ.

What is Rippling Skin Disorder?
I read about that rippling skin disorder, and I think my cat has it. He does a lot of crazy running around with the skin on his back rippling. Also he wanders around at night, meowing loudly. What is it, and how can I help him? Learn more about rippling skin disorder, its symptoms, possible causes, and treatment, through this FAQ.

Please suggest a safe flea shampoo for a kitten
FAQ: Can you suggest a safe flea shampoo for our 10-month old kitten?

How can I safely get rid of ants with cats in the house?
Ant invasions are always a nuisance, and they do not seem to have a seasonal preference. This reader was concerned with the problem of eradicating ants while still keeping her cats safe.

How can I help my constipated cat?
My eight year old male cat appears to be constipated. He tries to use the litter box but no go. He is quite vocal and seems to asking for help as he constantly follows me around meowing! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Does Hairball Control Food Change Eating and Elimination Habits?
I have been using hairball food on my five cats with good results as far as the elimination of hair balls - I only get a few now and then compared to A LOT before. But what I would like to know is: does this food increase their elimination in the litter box more and does it make them eat more? Does it cause constipation?

Any Medication for Cats Shedding?
I have two white cats and need to know is there anything you can do about shedding? I vacuum twice a day. I've brushed too. I thought cats shed in the summer. Am I wrong? Is there any medication to give them?

HELP! She's in Heat!
The constant meowing and obvious distress is taxing my sanity! Do you have any suggestions about how to quiet her down and make her more comfortable? Also...I've heard that there may be a lot of bleeding. Should I cover my furniture? Try to keep her confined to a particular area? She's an indoor cat.

Why Is my New Kitten Sneezing?
The problem is that she keeps sneezing. I thought perhaps that it was due to my heating vents, which blow a lot of dust around, or the air fresheners/disinfectants that I spray regularly. But I am not sure. Should I be worried? She shows no other symptoms of cold or flu. Thanks

Is Milk Okay for my Cat?
My cat enjoys milk, and I give her a small amount two or three times a week. Will this help or harm her? I've read somewhere that milk is not good for cats.

Please Help With Runny Eyes and Sneezing in New Kitten.
Please Help With Runny Eyes and Sneezing in New Kitten. Read my response to this Health FAQ.

Why is my geriatric cat vomiting?
Despite using daily hair-ball remedy, he is vomiting at least two to three times a week. If I miss one day of this routine, he is guaranteed to vomit. I don't know what else to do. He has had a 4 lb. weight loss over the last couple of years. His geriatric feline profile is normal. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Weight Loss Normal?
I notice that my cat seems to be losing weight. Is this common in the summer because of the heat and shedding?

Why do you oppose declawing cats for destructive scratching habits?
I occasionally receive emails from owners of declawed cats, who think I'm overly harsh on them and others who have taken that option because of destructive scratching. What they don't understand is that it's the procedure I abhor, not those who have done it.

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