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Kitten Care: All Aspects of Kitten Care

Getting a new kitten may raise all kinds of questions about kitten care. But kitten care need not be a mystery. These pages will guide you with everything from bottle feeding orphaned feral kittens to training and socializing your new kitten. You’ll find all the support for kitten care that you need, within these pages. Your good care of your kitten will pay off in rewards you can't imagine.
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  2. Unnecessary Declawing
  3. Rehoming Kittens
  4. Kitten Food (4)
  5. Newborn Kittens (7)
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Kitten Care Course: Online
This is the same course as the popular email course, only completely online for those readers who want to pace their own reading and do not need the weekly reminder of an email class. Learn all you need to know from preparing for your new kitten to tracking its first year of development.

Free Email Class: Kitten Care - Your New Kitten
This class on kitten care is self-paced, e.g., you will receive Lesson 1 immediately after enrolling. Then each week, on the same day, you will receive a new lesson on kitten care, for a total of eight. There is no final exam, and you won't be graded, but the rewards of watching your kitten grown into a stunning, healthy cat as the result of your good kitten care is priceless.

Health Threats to Kittens
Kittens are fragile at birth, and in their first six weeks they are particularly vulnerable to certain health conditions and diseases. It is important for us to recognize the signs and symptoms, and to ensure they get immediate veterinary care.

Glossary definition of "kittenhood."

10 Reasons Why Two Kittens Are Better Than One
The case for adopting two kittens - 10 reasons why two kittens are better than one.

How to Kittenproof Your Home
Kittens are curious little tykes and love to explore nooks and crannies. Here are tips for making sure they don't find "toys" that can harm them.

Bringing Kitten Home - a Kitten Care Article
This article touches on the basics of your first few days of with your new kitten, with plenty of links to more thorough discussions of the elements of caring for kittens. Nothing is more exciting than the homecoming of a new kitten, and if you take care in planning ahead, it can be even more fun.

Introducing Your New Kitten to Your Home
Keep in mind that your home is a strange new place to your kitten, and depending on her background, she will need time to adjust and explore.

First Vet Visit
When bringing home a newly adopted kitten, it is imperative that you get her checked by a veterinarian as soon as possible, not only for her own health, but to ensure she doesn't bring with her any serious communicable diseases, such as FeLV or FIV.

Basic Care for a Young Kitten
Part 2 of a 3-part series on kitten care. This feature covers the basics in "well-kitten" care: socializing and bonding kittens; kitten nutrition; and training and discipline of kittens, as well as getting them to sleep at night. Are you finding that kitten care is even more fun than you imagined?

Kittens: Socializing Kittens
Refer to this kitten training article about 8 reasons to socialize kittens, and improve cats emotional health.

Tracking Kittens Development- Newborns to one week
To most of us, kittens are magical, loveable creatures with the power to entrance that one would not expect from their tiny, helpless forms. How do these utterly dependent little fledglings grow into the regal, svelte, intelligent cats who gaze back at us with love, tolerance, or thinly concealed scorn, depending on their moods?

Telling the Sex of a Kitten Isn't Always Easy
While theoretically, telling the sex of a kitten is fairly easy, it is by no means an absolute science. Sometimes even animal shelter staff, veterinarians, and cat breeders can make mistakes.

Share Your Story About Mistaking Your Kittens Gender
I've made a few mistakes in determining the sex of a kitten, and I'm sure many cat lovers also have made similar mistakes. Now you can share your story with other readers by using an easy form.

Tracking Kittens Development- The First Six Weeks
Kittens will probably never grow again at the remarkable rate they accomplish during this period, and seeing the changes in their development from week to week is an incredible experience. We'll start off by recapping the first week, and move on from there.

How to Train a Kitten to the Litter Box
Kittens are readily trained to the litterbox, which is much preferable to accidents on the carpet. The momma cat will usually train them, but if you are the surrogate momma, here's how.

Quiz: Tracking Kittens' Development
How extensive is your knowledge about the development of kittens during their first six weeks? Take this short javascript-based cats health quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about the development of kittens.

Your Kitten's First Year
Kittens' development into adult cats is a fascinating process, and each step of the way a kitten is in a unique place in life. The wise caregiver will recognize this fact and use it to understand what your kitten is experiencing, as well as what his actions are telling you.

Before You Volunteer to Foster Kittens and Cats
The decision to foster kittens is a serious one which will affect your entire household, and should not be undertaken unless you can answer the following questions to your satisfaction. You will likely be asked similar questions if you volunteer for a cat rescue group, so it will be a good rehearsal. This is lesson one of a Kitten Foster Primer.

Adopted Shelter Kittens Success Stories
Adopted shelter kittens and kittens from rescues can make the very best lifelong companions. During 'kitten season' shelters are overflowing with kittens to choose from. You can help free up shelter space for more needy cats by adopting two or more kittens. Share your adopted kitten photos and stories here. See submissions See submissions See submissions

Definition of Fading Kitten Syndrome
Learn about Fading Kitten Syndrome, which usually strikes kittens in the first few weeks of life.

FAQ - How long should a kitten stay with its mother
A reader writes to ask how long a kitten should stay with its mother before being adopted to another home.

Post-Natal Care of a Cat and her Newborn Kittens
The first two to three weeks are the most crucial for your mother cat and her newborn kittens. The kittens are developing rapidly, and the queen will usually show symptoms of any post-partum problems by this time. Learn more about the care needed by your queen and her kittens.

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