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Tracking Kitten Development: The First Six Weeks


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Week 3: Awareness is Developing
3-week old kitten

Kittens are becoming more aware of their surroundings

Wendy, used with permission
  • Ear canals will be completely open, and his sense of hearing is still developing, however the kitten may startle at loud sounds. The ears may be fully erect by this age.
  • Their eye color may start to change, from the blue shared by all kittens, to the adult hue.
  • Kittens' sense of smell will be well developed.
  • Kittens can voluntarily eliminate now, as their digestive system is developing. The mother cat will continue to clean them, until they learn grooming skills.
  • Don't be surprised to hear a kitten start to purr at this young age.
  • Baby teeth will start to come in now, and the mother cat will start thinking about weaning.
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