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Tracking Kitten Development: The First Six Weeks


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Week 6: Socialization in Full Swing
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Kittens will be comfortably socialized with humans now, if started early

Franny Syufy
Socialization skills continue, and there is no doubt that these are lively, active, kittens who will grow up all too soon to be adult cats. They can run, pounce, and leap, and can entertain themselves and their human observers endlessly. Just as quickly they can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, (growing up is hard work), so take care not to let them tire.

Kittens will follow their mother cat's lead in socializing with humans. If she has a comfortable relationship with the humans in her life, so will her kittens. However, if kittens are not accustomed to human handling by six weeks, it will be a long, slow, process to train them later, and such a cat may never be a "lap cat."

Socializing Tip:

Kittens should learn at this age that hands are not for playing - hands are for holding, petting, and feeding. One of the best "toys" for teaching this lesson is a plastic drinking straw. You can drag it across the floor and watch the kitten chase it, then wiggle it a bit and allow him to pounce on it and "capture" it. The baby may proudly strut with his prize before settling down to bite on it. The plastic is nice and crunchy, and makes a good aid for teething.

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