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Litter Box Essentials

A big factor in your cat's urinary tract health, as well as peace in your household, is his acceptance of the litter box. Here are resources for litter box supplies, along with discussions on what works and what doesn't.
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Safe Disposal of Radioactive Cat Waste From a Hyperthyroid Cat
In the U.S., laws governing the disposal of radioactive cat waste following Radioactive Iodine Treatment for hyperthyroidism vary state by state. In California, conflicting laws create a bit of a conundrum in certain locations. I have designed a sanitary, workable arrangement for compliance with those laws.

Just Rite Urine Cleaning Products
In today's homes, cat urine odor is unacceptable and unnecessary, because we have the means to eliminate both the decomposed urine which creates the odor, and completely remove the cat urine odor too. Just Rite Cleaning Products sells several different odor, urine, and stain removal products, and I review two of them in this article.

Why Does my Cat Poop Outside the Box?
A reader asks why his 16 year old cat started pooping outside the box six months ago. This article discusses the various causes for defecating outside the box, and outlines a plan of action. Read this frequently asked cat behavior question for more information.

Cat Litter Box Training
New kitten owners learn about litter training kittens in this detailed article by Amy Shojai, CABC, for About.com. Find out easy step-by-step tips for how to litter-train kittens. Avoid mistakes by training kittens to the litter box early, to prevent cat behavior problems in the future.

Old Cat: Litter Box Problems
Refer to this Amy Shojai cat behavior article about old cat litter box problems. Cats that tolerated less than stellar potties as youngsters may snub the box if it's not pristine, or look for other places to "do their duty" when disturbed during the process. Read this cat behavior article for 7 tips for solving old cat litter box issues.

Cat Behavior: Covering Poop
Learn if the cat behavior of covering poop in the litter box is normal in this article. Read this article about cats not covering poop to learn if it's a litter box behavior problem.

How can I remove cat urine odor from laundry?
How can I remove cat urine odor from laundry - Cats FAQ

LitterMaid Mega Automated Litter Box - Full Product Review
Product Review of the LitterMaid Automated Litter Box with comments from users.

Litter Box Maintenance - A Step-By-Step Illustrated Tutorial
Poor litter box maintenance is often the cause of litter box mishaps. Since litter box avoidance is a major cause of surrenders of cats to shelters, it is important that cats be given a fighting chance, by making sure their litter boxes are kept immaculately clean. This step-by-step tutorial will demonstrate conscientious litter box maintenance.

Cat Litters - The Clumping Clay Controversy
Many readers are aware that clumping clay litters have come into disfavor in recent years. While, to my knowledge, there have never been any scientific studies proving the hazard to cats of clumping clay litters, there has been a flood of anecdotal testimony that clumping clay litters may be hazardous.

How can we train our kitten to cover his poop?
My sweet 10 week old boy kitten Scamp poops in his litterbox, scrapes around for a while, but fails to cover his poop. During this process he always manages to step in his poop and it doesn't seem to bother him. How can I help teach him better litterbox techniques?

Litter-ally Speaking
Get any two ailurophiles together and the discussion will inevitably turn to litter boxes and litter. Get a whole roomful together, and it's surprising how much you can learn.

Toilet Training vs Kitty Litter- Guest Article by Lin Komula
Guest writer Lin Komula believes indoor cats can exist quite well without litter boxes. Is toilet training an option for your cat? Read and decide.

Managing Common Chronic Lower Urinary Tract Disorders of Cats
From The Indoor Cat Initiative, an outstanding article on FUS, FLUTD, including uroliths (crystals and stones) and idiopathic cystitis. Written for veterinarians, but includes loads of information for the lay person.

The Litter Box: From Your Cat's Point of View
Excellent article from a veterinarian, on litter box issues. The section on cleaning the litter box is a must read.

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