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Joey is Showing Signs of Interest
cat watching Litter Robot cycling

Joey is tempted, but not quite ready to try out the Litter Robot

Franny Syufy
It may have been a mistake to initiate the use of Litter-Robot immediately. In fact, the manufacturer recommends leaving the unit unplugged for a few days so cats can become familiar with it. However, I believe in "power testing" - putting a product to rugged use, to test its potential for problems for users who don't always follow instructions. If a product can survive my kind of testing, and do the job it is advertised to do, I never hesitate to give it high marks.

The unfortunate result of this testing procedure in Joey's case is that he just happened to be in the room when I first plugged in the unit, and his initial reaction was to run away in fright. (Joey definitely falls into the category of "timid or skittish" cats.) We've had the Litter-Robot for two weeks as of this review, and Joey is demonstrating increased interest in this new litter box his housemates are using. He watches them enter and exit, and when the globe starts to cycle, instead of running away, moves in closer to inspect. I think it will just be a matter of time before he is a confirmed regular user too.

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