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Memorial Gifts for Cat Lovers

Show Your Support with a Thoughtful Gift


When a cat lover loses a treasured cat to death, the mourning process is similar to that of loss of a family member. A fitting memorial helps to ease the loss, whether it be a picture with a written memorial, a plaque, figurine, or a garden memorial statue or stone. I've chosen a few fitting memorials that can either be given as gifts or to honor the memory of a cat you've personally lost.

1. Memorial Grave Marker

Pet Memorial Marker
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Memorial Stone (14" x 10" x 3" high) has 3.5" square clear photo frame for a picture of the cat. You have the option of keeping the basic message or adding your own personalized message (up to 8 lines, maximum 10 characters per line including spaces). Suitable for use either in a pet cemetery or as a back yard memorial stone.
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2. Pet Knitted Picture Blanket

This 50" x 60" blanket has a picture of the pet knitted in either sepia tones or shades of black and white. For an additional fee, the cat's name may be embroidered in the corner of the blanket.

3. Paws of Endearment

Paws of Endearment
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy
Paws of Endearment is a wonderful way of preserving your pet's most memorable traits in an attractive three-dimensional plaque, and also makes a welcome gift for other pet owners.

Although it wasn't really at the front of my mind when I ordered our Paws of Endearment for Bubba, since his passing to the Rainbow Bridge in December of 2005, this plaque had become a wonderful memorial reminder of him, and we all treasure it even more than we did originally. It's something to consider.

4. Pet Keepsake Photo Frames

Rotating 4-Photo Pet Keepsake Frame
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
A nice selection of keepsake photo frames. I particularly like the 4-picture rotating frame. It comes in honey maple, and the frame also includes a secure compartment - possibly suitable for storing cremains.
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5. Photo Frame with Angel and Cat Figurine

The happy, welcoming angel figurine holding a cat nuzzling up to her, in the way cats do, will brighten the spirits of anyone who has lost a cat. The attached picture frame holds a 3.25" x 4.75" photo up to a 6" x 8" photo, and the base of the frame has a short poem describing the special place in our hearts where our cats linger.

6. Donate in Memory

Photo of Hillary, an adoptable cat at Tabby's Place
Photo Credit: © Tabby's Place, Used with Permission
Perhaps the most meaningful gift you can bestow in the memory of a beloved cat is a donation in his or her memory to a favorite humane organization. One of my personal favorites is Tabby's Place, a cat sanctuary established by Jonathan Rosenthal in memory of his treasured cat, Tabby. This organization takes in special needs cats, who otherwise would be euthanized, and is fully staffed with volunteers, caregivers, and veterinarians.

I donated to Tabby's Place when our beloved cat Bubba went to the Bridge in 2005, and had a card sent to my husband, who was Bubba's favorite human. He was very touched and grateful for the gesture, and it helped bring both of us a sense of closure.

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