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Maine Coon Cat Profile and Standard

The Maine Coon Cat is the second most popular pedigreed cat in the United States. With it's large solid body, full coat, bushy tail and sweet expression, it's no wonder this cat is known as "The Gentle Giant."

Breed Snapshot: Maine Coon
Your shortcut to the most pertinent information on the Maine Coon: its description, personality, history, and suitability as a pet, from your Cats Guide.

About Maine Coons
Discussion of the history and profile of the Maine Coon Cat, known as the "Gentle Giant".

America's First Show Cat - The Maine Coon
CFA Breed article by Gail Frew detailing the history of America's first indigenous show cat.

Caring for Your Maine Coon Cat
Essential information on grooming and feeding, from Koontucky Maine Coon Cats.

CFA Breed Profile - Maine Coon
The official CFA profile of Maine Coon cats.

CFA Breed Standard - Maine Coon Cat
The official standard by which Maine Coon cats are judged in CFA shows.

Legends of the Maine Coon Cat
Mysteries of the origin of the Maine Coon Cat, folklore and tales, and stories of interest, facts and circumstances surrounding this breed.

TICA Maine Coon Standard
The official standard by which Maine Coon cats are judged in TICA shows.

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