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Destructive Chewing

Destructive chewing by cats not only causes expensive damage to household furniture and other accessories, but in the case of electrical wiring or computer cords, can actually be harmful to cats and kittens.

Destructive Chewing by Cats and Kittens
Destructive chewing by cats is undesirable, first, because of the potential of danger to the cat, and second, because of damage to family valuables. Causes of destructive chewing by cats can range from teething in kittens to curiosity, to boredom, and even (surprise!) because of a nutrient deficiency.

Cat-Proofing Your Home
Part of Cat-Proofing your home is looking for all those harmful things that cats can chew on, such as unprotected electrical wiring, computer cables, and poisonous plants and foods. Learn how to make your home safer for your cats and kittens.

Indoor Plants Poisonous to Cats
Cats and kittens love to chew plants. The following is a partial list of plants that are poisonous or hazardous to your cats, including some popular holiday plants.

Why Cats Suck & Chew on Wool
The veterinarians at PetEducation.com share insights into the reasons cats suck and chew, which breeds have a preference for wool, and cautions againsty this habit.

Cats Destructive Chewing and Fabric Sucking
Pawprints and Purrs article on destructive chewing and fabric sucking - dangers and how to control.

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