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Reasons for Spay and Neuter of Cats

If you have reservations about spaying or neutering your cat because you've heard old wives' tales about the results, these articles and resources will help change your mind. The fact is that all pet cats should be spayed or neutered, for health reasons and to curb the overpopulation problems.

Spay and Neuter Your Cats
Read the many valid arguments for the spay and neuter of your cats. The old adage that "if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem" is particularly applicable to unwanted pregnancy in cats.

Sleep Softly Little Noah: a Memorial
He was just a tiny two week old kitten - a small, seemingly insignificant being in the larger scheme of life. But he left behind a giant-sized hole in the hearts of at least three people who cared for him.

Compelling Arguments for Early Spay & Neuter of Cats
The evidence seems clear that early spay and neuter is not only safe for the youngsters, but that the procedure produces less tissue trauma, is less stressful, provides a shorter recovery period, with a lower risk of complications.

February is Spay and Neuter Month
For several years, the last Tuesday in February has been designated by the Doris Day Animal League as "Spay Day U.S.A," and February has been chosen as Spay and Neuter Month by countless humane societies and animal advocacy groups. There are many ways you can contribute to this effort, starting with spaying and neutering your own cats.

Cat Arithmetic
A graphic illustration of what two un-neutered cats can accomplish in 10 years, from Cat Care Society.

The Miracle of Life
Want your kiddies to see a miracle of life through kittens being born? Read this first.

Why Responsible Breeders Neuter their Pets
Written in Britain but applicable to responsible breeders worldwide.

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