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Working Cats - Cats with Character

Working cats can be shop cats, nursery cats, hospital cats, inn cats-- virtually any feline who works for a living. The first thing I look for when entering a new boutique is the cat.

Annie, the Hospital Cat
Abandoned in a carrier at a veterinary clinic, Annie's winning ways not only rescued her from the clutches of the animal control officer, but won her a new job, too.

Herbie, the Russian River Cat
Herbie is a handsome big guy who holds court in his own personal Garden of Eden, and will be your best friend if you'll only feed him. (Apparently a number of folks do.)

Misty, Secret Agent Cat
Misty is a vital cog in the operations of an anonymous Department of Defense Research and Development facility somewhere in the southwestern deserts of the United States.

My Hero: Nemo, Donor Cat
Meet Nemo - he's her real life hero and no, she's not biased. He comes by that label honestly because during his working career he provided twenty-two packets of blood products that restored life and health to felines across the country. Guest article by Becky Adams

Cats Who Assist Writers at About.com
Meet the cats who work as office assistants, media consultants, spell checkers, and meowy other CATpacities for the men and woman who write the websites at About.com

Fluffy, the Police Patrol Cat
Fluffy's job is of the more traditional variety: keeping grain-stealing varmints out of the police horses' food barn. The police value her services, though, and pay her with food.

Meyer, the Therapy Cat
Meyer loves his work as a therapy cat in rehabilitation wards and a nursing home, and loads himself into his carrier on "Therapy Days."

Lovely little vignettes about shopcats, all linked together. I've taken you directly to the cats. Just click "next cat" to proceed down the list.

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