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You and Your Cat - Bonding - Maximizing Your Relationship

Cat lovers are a special breed of people because they share lifelong bonds with their fuzzy-faced "children." Read more about the feline-human bond, DIY cat crafts, how to deal with allergies to cats, how to cope with loss; in short everything you want to know about loving a cat.
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How NOT To Be a Responsible Pet Owner
There's a lot more to this piece about being a responsible cat parent than meets the eye. Please read the full article for enlightenment.

2012 Events About Cats
The start of a new year is a time of both remembrance and looking forward. Read about news and events which affected the world of cats, both on a personal and universal scale.

Readers Most Unforgettable Memories About Cats in 2012
Readers share their memories about events involving cats in 2012.

7 Reasons People Don't Like Cats
Inconceivable as it may sound to cat lovers, there are some people who dislike cats, or actually claim to hate them. Learn some of the reasons for disliking cats with this list of 7 reasons people don't like cats.

7 Ways We Bond With Our Cats
The majority of cat lovers consider their cats as children and family members rather than just pets, and our bond with our cats is unconditional.

Therapy Cats
Not only do cats provide emotional and physical therapy to their human family, in terms of helping relax muscles stressed by tension, and minds torn with worry and fears, they are also coming into their own as therapy animals.some hospital settings. Learn more about therapy cats and share your own stories.

Spring Brings
Spring brings a panoply of surprises to homes with cats. Is your cat sneezing a lot lately? Cats are allergic too, and pollens can tickle the noses of even indoor-only cats. Notice Kitty horking up hairballs? Spring brings shedding, and cats need double-duty brushing and combing. Spring brings Easter and Passover, along with toxic chocolate...

Cat Parenthood Pictures
Dedicated cat lovers consider our cats as members of our families, and take cat parenting as seriously as parents of human children. Indeed, for some of us, cats are our only children. Our readers share here pictures and stories of their cat "kids," as well as describing how they became cat parents in the first place.

Valentine Cats - Pictures of Cats With Valentine Art or in Valentine Settings
Valentine Cats - Pictures of Cats With Valentine Art or in Valentine SettingsSee submissions

My First Cat - Reader Stories of Their First Cat
Taking in a cat for the first time is a momentous event, and we would love to see your stories and photos.Read other First Cat stories, then use the form to share your own.See submissions

Cat Brags: Cats of Many Breeds and Colors
We all love to brag about our cats with our huge community of cat lovers. The cat lovers who hang around Cats at About.com have the opportunity to share photos and stories about their cats of many different breeds (including domestic cats and mixed breeds), as well as their black cats, tuxedo cats, tabbies, calicoes, and other color patterns and colors. Read these stories about magnificent cats, …

Readers True Stories About Cats
People who love cats enjoy nothing better than exchanging stories about their own cats. Our mutual respect for cats often forges lifelong bonds of friendships and it's only natural that we gravitate together to talk about our cats. At About.com our Show & Tell application makes it easy to share true stories about cats on a variety of topics....

How I solved cat-related sleep deprivation - readers share th…
Have you lain awake at night because a cat is scratching at the door, running across your bed (and you), pawing at your face, or meowing to be fed? I've shared my own Top 10 Ways to avoid cat-related sleep deprivation. Here is your opportunity to share your own solutions with other readers. Perhaps you've come up with a novel idea not covered in my list. Use this form to share your original tips …

Cats as Therapy Animals - Readers Contribute Short Stories Ab…
Cats are slowly moving into their own as therapy animals, and are being used in convalescent homes and other institutions for that purpose. Readers contribute here with personal stories about their experience with cats as therapy.

Do You Have an Extremely Intelligent Cat - Share Your Story
We all know that cats are intelligent animals. However, once in awhile a cat will come along with uncanny intelligence. She may accommodate her blind owner when playing fetch, teach other cats games she has invented, or knock on a closed door to gain entry. Here's your chance to share your story about your own extremely intelligent cat.

2008 Year of the Cat in Review
2008 has been a memorable year for cats, both on the About.com Cats site, and in news throughout the world. Some of it has been very good news, some very bad, and others remain to be seen. Shown here is the review of cat news for 2008, as chronicled on my site. You may also submit your own cat news for this year in the form provided at the end...

Cat Therapy for Autistic Children
Cats are slowly moving into their own as therapy animals, and are being used in convalescent homes and other institutions for that purpose. However, though a lot has been written about the use of horses and dogs with autistic children, little, if anything, has been previously written about cats. This amazing true story may open your eyes to the...

"Think Like a Cat" Game Show, Hosted by Chuck Woolery
I viewed the first showing of the new GSN TV show 'Think Like a Cat,' produced in partnership with Meow Mix Cat Food. My review shares my thoughts and opinions about this show. You may also post your own Rate and Review of 'Think Like a Cat' using the form provided.

Sable, an Amazingly Intelligent Cat
Sable is an amazingly intelligent cat. She not only plays games with her humans, but is sensitive enough to know that one of them is blind, and alters her game techniques to accommodate him. Read more about this amazing black cat as told by Sable's Student.

Most Popular Polls About Cats
We care about your views on matters relating to cats, and we give you the opportunity to express those views through several different media. Polls are an excellent way to keep on top of trends, and polls about cats are no exception. Do you have an opinion about how many cats are too many, which are your favorite breeds of cats, or do male or...

Readers' Favorite Cat Pages for 2006
Here is a list of my readers' favorite cat pages at About Cats in 2006. Not surprisingly, cat picture galleries and cat quizzes remain in hot demand, but you will also find some educational cat content on the list.

FAQ - Please subscribe - unsubscribe me to your newsletter
Directions for subscribing or unsubscribing to the About Cats Newsletters

Top Ways to Celebrate Your Cats Birthday
Do you celebrate your cat's birthday or adoptiversary every year? Here are a number of ways to make it more fun and even more meaningful.

Personal Cat Carriers: Top Picks
Personal cat carriers are an excellent means of including your cat in short trips, taking him for walks, or just bonding with him. Personal carriers can be worn much like baby slings or backpacks, and some even convert like strollers for cats, or car seats. Cat lovers who like to include their cats in all aspects of their lives will love the concept of personal cat carriers.

Top Ways to Avoid Cat-Related Sleep Deprivation
Can't sleep with a cat in the bedroom? Here are ways to get a good night's sleep and still stay friends with your cat.

Love Me - Love My Gifts - Cats bearing gifts
You'll realize that you have won the love of your cat when he or she starts bringing you gifts. Cats are natural hunters, and like the "big cats" they bring their prey to their "den".

What Happens to Your Cat if You Die? - Guest Article by Colleen Patric
One of the real heartbreakers I experience as a volunteer at the Seattle Animal Shelter is seeing older pets, cats and dogs, ten years and more, whose owners have died - usually unexpectedly.

PetLovers Connection - Press Release
PetLovers Connection Press Release

Men and Their Cats
Men and the cats they love share a special bond which is like no other on this earth. You are the guys who are so secure in your personas that you don't feel threatened by the perceived "independence" of cats. You don't need a pet who will fall all over you to seek love, but one who will appreciate you as you are with no false expectations. You love your cats unconditionally, as they do you. Read… See submissions

About.com GuideCats
Take a look at the photos and stories of the feline brains behind the topic experts at About.com. These GuideCats serve as inspiration, personal assistants, and kibitzers in our work.

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