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Top 5 Premium Cat Litters
Guide Picks
The type of cat litter for the litter box is critical to the success of litter box training. Your cat will be most interested in the smell and texture of the substrate (litter). Your concerns may be scoopability, disposability, and odor control. The bottom line, of course, is "will your cat use it?"
1) SWeatScoop Wheat Litter
SWeatScoopSWeatScoop wheat litter is perfect for cat owners who are looking for an alternative to clumping clay litters. This litter is flushable (a big plus), scoopable, and biodegradable - an environmentally friendly option for your cat.
2) Feline Pine
Feline PineFeline Pine is made of natural pine pellets, and is dust free (a boon to asthmatics and their cats), non-tracking, and flushable. It's economical too, as the litter only needs changing when the pellets have dissolved - about two weeks.
3) World's Best Cat Litter
Except that it's pricier than most, World's Best Cat Litter seems to live up to its name. Made of whole kernel corn, this litter is virtually dust-free, safe for kittens, and clumps, so it can be safely used in automatic litter boxes.
4) Yesterday's News
Aptly named, Yesterday's News cat litter is made of recycled crumbled paper pellets, and is biodegradable, flushable, and environmentally friendly. It's softer texture is more comfortable for some cats.
5) Harvest Ventures Litter Pearls
Harvest Ventures Litter Pearls is probably the prettiest cat litter around. The crystal clear pearls, made of high-grade silica sand, are very absorbent, inhibit bacteria growth, are dust-free and non-allergenic, and biodegradable (the crystals revert to sand when discarded.)
 ~ Franny Syufy
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