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Meow Mix Formula Change?

Reader Reviews: Write a Review of a Dry Cat Food

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By despinne

Dry Cat Food

Brand and Formula Name 

Meow Mix -- has changed its formula. Instead of several different shapes (assumedly a shape per flavor), they now have one shape that appears to be layers of flavors. It is not crisp. My cats HATE it.

What I Like About this Product 

Nothing. They have made product changes in past, no problem.

What I Least Like About This Product 

My cats don't want to eat it.

How my Cat(s) Reacted to This Product 

My cats--and neighborhood cats--won;t eat it.

My Review 

If Meow Mix wanted to ruin the food, they hit on the best method. If they don't make a new chage soon, my cats will be eating Friskies. I do not know what is unappealing about it. The little cigar-shaped kibbles may be the problem. Or the flavors may be too well blended. SOME cats like to eat their favorite flavor first, then go back and eat their less-favored flavors.

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