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Young Again Cat Food

Reader Reviews: Write a Review of a Dry Cat Food

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By jenniferdavidg@peoplepc.com

Young Again Cat Food

Here is the bag-I had to tape it because they love it!

Dry Cat Food

Brand and Formula Name 

Young Again Pet Food, Cat and Kitten Formula 50/22

What I Like About this Product 

I love that it is made for a CARNIVORE! This food has ZERO plants ZERO grains, NO VEGETABLES. CATS ARE CARNIVORES! This food works perfect for my cats. They do not eat very much because it’s high in nutrients -They also poop a lot less! I like that they ship it right to my home with FREE shipping!

What I Least Like About This Product 

Price is a little higher comparing price alone, but lasts twice as long!

How my Cat(s) Reacted to This Product 

My cat’s ate it right away. The first few days they ate quite a bit of it, now they have slowed down and eat half as much as before. I can leave the food in their bowl, they eat when they are hungry-and they never overeat. My tubby boy, who ate constantly on his old food has actually slimmed down!

My Review 

The breeder I got my cats from was the one who introduced me to the food. Some of the “PRO’S” that she mentioned (and that talked me into trying the food were): The food has ZERO VEGETABLES, ZERO PLANT PROTEINS AND ZERO GRAINS. My cats were not made to eat like a vegetarian regardless of how I think I should eat. They are meat eaters. So, I decided to give them something that Mother Nature designed them to eat. I like that Young Again based their food on the body composition of a mouse. This only makes sense. I like that they found a way to feed both my senior and my younger cat the same food! It’s way too hard to feed 2 different foods. The fact that you can leave food out all the time is very convenient. I am not a lazy pet owner but I do work out of the home, so finding a good food that is healthy for my cats is a must. It’s all natural so I don’t have to worry about the horrible preservatives that some companies use. CON’S: As I mentioned above the CON’s are: The price is a little higher when you compare price tags alone, but when you consider it lasts so much longer (twice as long) than my old food it works out cheaper! I also spend less on litter. At first I didn’t like that I can’t buy it in my store. Now I like the convenience of it coming right to my door. I wish that they had an in between size bag- They make an 8pound and a 25 pound bag- but since I don’t pay for the shipping and I set it to send me the next bag when I need it – it really isn’t a problem. In the end the company (Young Again Pet Food) has made the CON’s work for me. I really love this food and recommend it to all of my friends that have cats and dogs. (They make an all natural line of foods for Birds, Reptiles, small animals, fish and cats and dogs!) As you can see by the picture- the cats love it too!

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


Franny Syufy, About.com Cats, says:

The only 8-pound bag I could find at the web site was black in color. I wasn't crazy about the first named ingredient: Pork Protein Concentrate, since pork is not a food cats eat in the wild. Also, I was unable to find an AAFCO definition for that ingredient.

I have ordered a bag of this food for my cats. Direct Link: Young Again Pet Food

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