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Share Your Story: Why I Love Black Cats

By Rose


'let me pat you'


'Maise and Cleo mirroring each other'

Name, Gender, and Age of Your Black Cat

Cleo, Female, 2

How I Came to Love Black Cats

Never had cats growing up and meeting my first kitty at the shelter, fell in love with her straight away.

How Black Cats Differ from Other Cats

Their intelligence and communication skills, (she even comes when I whistle). Also, how affectionate and loving they are. In my experience with Cleo, she is my kitty-kid, and she acts like she is too! She communicates until she gets the message across with her various meows and chirrups, she has meows for when she wants to know where people are in the house and even certain meows when she wants a treat of cream! She is the sweetest though when she just wants to meow 'hello' with the accompanying affectionate body language. She hates getting into fights and puts up with various other kitty neighbours visiting the garden, although the other day she did chase one of her friends away because it was about to pounce on the budgie bird cage that was outside, I wasn't sure whether she wanted the birds for herself a meal one day or just enjoys having the birds around and didn't want the neighbour having them for dinner! Black cats in my opinion are lovely and do bring luck everyday that they share your life with one.

Tips and Tricks

  • With them having black fur, wearing dark clothing is wonderful!
  • Don't have dark bedding or sofa's because black kitties camouflage well! (Cleo meows whenever my boyfriend comes to sit down on the sofa, because he nearly sat on her once)

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