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Share Your Story: Living with a Maine Coon Cat

By janieperez143


Auntie Angie loving on Sugie


Estrella kissing Sugie and Baby

Cat's Name & Age:

Sugar AKA "SugieBoogieOogie" 5yrs old

Best Characteristics of the Breed

Sugar is the most loving and affectionate cat I know.

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Breed

She likes to visit the neighbors yards and rest in them!

When, Where and How I Got My Maine Coon

I adopted Sugie from the local animal shelter in Apple Valley on October 5th of 2006. She was about 6 weeks old. My children wanted a pet and I wanted a cat. I love cats very much and Tabbies have been my favorite since my mother brought home my first cat when I was 9. Candy had her first litter and of that litter, which I helped deliver came Tiger AKA Tigi. He was very much like Sugie in color which is mainly why I picked her. My children loved her the moment they laid eyes on her. She was a crier and that is what got her noticed immediately as we entered the shelter; so, we looked no more!

I'd Describe My Cat As…

Sugar is a beautiful long haired gray and black Tabby princess. She is loving and very affectionate. A great hunter I must add. Sugar loves to sleep with me, she will spend the entire day outside if I let her, but will not leave my bed at night. She is very sweet, and always seems to know when I'm having nightmares. She gently licks my forehead and kneads my hair softly until I waken from my bad dream. She's started doing this about a year after I adopted her. She is very intuitive and her tender loving nature always makes things better. She is a great companion. Sugie is very playful as well. She gets along well with other cats and has a natural maternal and protective instinct. Loves to be held and kissed on the nose. She is full of love but dislikes having her tail held too long. Is amazing with children and enjoys playtime very much, however likes a place that is quiet as well. She enjoys long naps in the dark which is why my garage can be very appealing to her: it's dark, quiet, and warm. Sugie loves to be covered with blankets during her naps and being held like a newborn. Does not get frightened by loud noises, but will become uncomfortable if she hears an angry voice. She calls near the door when she wants to be let out, and does the same when she wants to eat. Sugar is very friendly with people in general but, if she intuits a negative vibe from someone she will stay away, and will cry in a very strange warning like manner until she is clear of the person. Thankfully, she protects the children this was as well!I used to let Sugie out to play all though she was mostly a house cat and due to her friendly nature she disappeared one day..Sugar went missing in June 2010; and was recently found on September 26, 2011 just 4 miles from my home. I was driving near my home and suddenly saw a cat that looked just like her waddling in the sand of the front yard of someones home. I immediately pulled over and called her name. She came running to me as if she knew me; which she did. I wasn't going to loose her again. A neighbor of her so called owner did me the favor to call them so we could talk. I could have just walked away with her since she came to me right away. Eventually, after some arguing my cat was given back to me under the impression that she really was a he and since the couple owned 6 other cats well, then I could just keep their cat. Sugar's personality is the same and is happily home. Thank God for this miracle. So please read my advice...


  • My best advice for someone interested in adopting a cat is: love them and give them plenty of attention..oh, and spay or neuter your pet as soon as you adopt. If you love them dearly they will be the best pet/friend you could ever imagine. But, please take good care of your pet because of its friendly personality, you don't want to have some stranger pick up your pet and be gone with it to later be told a bunch of lies about how they adopted YOUR pet..see Sugie was taken from me because of her beautiful nature..like a man said, "she is the neighborhood watch CAT!" Wrong, she is my FRIEND and COMPANION; my child!

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