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My Red Tabby, Tigger

Share Your Story: Living with a Tabby Cat

By carrollcats

My Red Tabby, Tigger

Tigger was yawning in this photo.

My Red Tabby, Tigger

Tigger having a quiet moment.

Cat's Name & Age:


6 years old

Best Characteristics of the Tabby

My Tabby loves human attention and love constantly and he is a good mouser.

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Tabby

Tigger is very dominant towards my other cats.

When, Where and How I Got My Tabby

Tigger was given to me when he was about 3 months old because no one else wanted him. He was loaded with fleas and had been kept in a closed bathroom a lot so when I got him he had a bad habit of sucking on bathroom rugs. Once I got rid of his fleas he was my friend for life!

I'd Describe My Cat As…

A very good hunter and extremely affectionate. Tigger still loves to play like a kitten even though he has grown into a very big cat. He practically "raised" my little black cat Hally who was a feral kitten when I found her. He cleaned her all the time and slept with her to keep her warm when she was little. Now he spends his time playing rough with the other male cats and loving his belly rubs.


  • When accepting a kitten from someone, try to make sure that the kitten was not taken from his mother too soon. Tigger was taken from his mother to soon and now the consequences are that he doesn't realize when to quit biting a human being and that he can go too far and draw blood. I've had to study up on this and now have to hold his head by the scruff of his neck and put his chin to the floor for 3 seconds while saying "no" to him and it seems to work.

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