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My Devon Rex Tuxie, Katie

Share Your Story: Living with a Tuxedo Cat

By Lorraine

My Devon Rex Tuxie, Katie

No Fear !!

My Devon Rex Tuxie, Katie

Beauty queen

Cat's Name & Age:

Katie 4 years old

Best Characteristics of the Tuxedo

loving, loyal and protective

Most Challenging Characteristics of the Tuxedo


When, Where and How I Got My Tuxedo

4 years ago from a breeder in Pennsylvania she is a Devon Rex

I'd Describe My Cat As…

The love of my life, if for some reason I am sick in bed, she stays with me night and day. She is so loyal and when I have a temperature, she tries to cool me down by licking my face. She knows when the car pulls into the driveway and is waiting at the front door for me to greet me. She loves everyone in the family and is patient with children who pick her up and carry her everywhere. Her favorite toys are balls and laser beam light and is eger to chase both of them. She loves to fuss at us when we ignore her and needs attention and gets up in the morning to be sure my husband feeds her and goes back to sleep, keeping everyone in the house in line and letting them know what is expected of them.


  • love them
  • play with them
  • feed them sensibly
  • they will be your friend for life

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