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One of Those Days. . .

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By Caden

One of Those Days. . .

Gonna be one of those days...

Short, Punchy Title

Gonna be one of those days...

About my Cat

Lucy is almost seven and very expressive. She loves her bird Mr. Atticus and is often spotted sitting next to his cage purring at him, and listening to him purr at her! Lucy also loves ladybugs, but never ever harms them.

Why I Chose This Photo

This was taken on a Monday morning before going back to work after a wonderfully long vacation. Lucy usually sits on the breakfast bar while I make my coffee. At first I was concerned that she would attempt to get into food, or other things she should not be getting into. When I looked over to see her looking at my favorite coffee mug, I could not resist!

Tips and Tricks

  • Snuggles can be the magic cure for a bad day!

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