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Wordless Wednesday: The Sky is Falling

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By Judy

Wordless Wednesday: The Sky is Falling

I was just minding my own business

Wordless Wednesday: The Sky is Falling

Poor Kitty.

Short, Punchy Title

The Sky Is Falling!

About my Cat

Tazz is a 12 year old male tabby that was adopted from a litter at a horse farm barn.

Why I Chose This Photo

Poor Tazz in April was just lying on the floor when a picture frame broke and the plexiglas fell on him breaking his leg, cutting his head and foot. I was up all night when we got home trying to make sure he didn't jump up on anything with his cast. I was more of a basket case they he was.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you ever have a animal with a broken anything make sure they put in pins - Tazz trip to the Emergency Room on 4/6/10 where they only set the broken foot had to be reset a month later with pins because it did not heal correctly so he just got his pins out 9/1/10.

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