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Bag-a-Kitten Nana

Share Your Story: Funniest Cat Picture

By Roskat_VM

Bag-a-Kitten Nana

The next fashion bag!

Cat's Name, Gender, and Age

Nana, Female, four months

Was Photo Staged or Caught in the Act?

Caught in the act

A Little Background on my Cat

I adopted Nana on my birthday, on November. Her mother was a stray cat who gave birth six black kittens in a garage. The family who lives there looked for future owners on internet. In Spain sometimes it's difficult for black cats to have a new home, because people are superstitious. It's not my case, because I've always wanted a black cat. Her name came from a novel (Nana, by Emile Zola) and also a character from a manga comic. She's a funny and loving cat who adores to be in my lap and play with my feet, and touch my face when she wants to get noticed. She's my first cat, so this web is very useful for me. Thanks!

What Were the Circumstances of the Photo?

It was her second day at home, and she hadn't left her box. I was pretty sad because I thought she didn't like me. I was sleeping a nap, when suddenly she jumped in the armchair and went into my bag! She made me laugh. The only thing I had near was my mobile phone, so I took the pic quickly. Since then, I have my camera ready for another funny moment.

Tips and Tricks

  • Only my old mobile phone camera, nothing special

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