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Christmas Lilly

Share Your Story: Winter Holiday Cats

By kebohs

Christmas Lilly

Lilly the outside Christmas girl

Your Cat(s)' name, age, and gender

Lilly female about 9 yrs old

About my holiday kitty

A sweet feed feral cat that I have been providing for and loving fr the past 2 years. I cannot touch her but I can come very very close now. She greets me every day and every evening. I providing a house in my back yard, a bed and I warm it every cold evening with a heating disk. I also have a heated water bowl for her too.

How did you dress or pose your cat?

Lilly loves to pose but, I have o catch her in the right mood. I have to stand way back and then zoom in with my camera. she is a beautiful long haired gray kitty. I hope to take a few more because she is so photogenic!

What I'd Do Differently

  • nothing at at just aim and take picture

Franny Syufy, About.com Cats, says:

Another great photo. Good for you for caring for this lovely feral girl!

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