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Giant Nibblet in Christmas Village

Share Your Story: Winter Holiday Cats

By Ann Phillips

Giant Nibblet in Christmas Village

I am not moving!

Your Cat(s)' name, age, and gender

Nibblet is a 7 year old female kitty

About my holiday kitty

Nibblet showed up in 2005 when I returned from a vacation at the Burning Man event. She ran in the house with the other kitties, and kept meowing, like she was saying, "feed me, feed me", So, we cracked open a can of kitty food, she ate that, and we fed her another, and after three cans of kitty food, she laid down on my bed, and groomed, and went to sleep. She is very lovable, and she drinks her water like a dog.

How did you dress or pose your cat?

While we were sitting and enjoying a wonderful show on the tv, Nibblet kept jumping on the table with the Christmas village we had set up. As soon as I looked up, like something was telling me to look at her, she was sitting perfectly in the front of the toy shop, not knocking down a single figurine. She was so careful, and I had to take a shot of the perfect kitty, and this is the result!!!

What I'd Do Differently

  • I would take more pictures of her in that position, hopefully to get her from squinting.

Franny Syufy, About.com Cats, says:

You can expect to see this one on the main page by Christmas.

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