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Willow - Christmas Tree Kitten

Share Your Story: Winter Holiday Cats

By kconti

Willow - Christmas Tree Kitten

nothing like homemade decorations!

Willow - Christmas Tree Kitten


Your Cat(s)' name, age, and gender

Willow..female calitab...10 weeks old

About my holiday kitty

Willow was a sweet adventurous little girl. She was my foster kitty over the holidays and loved playing with anything she could get her paws on. She was crazy about the xmas tree and every ornament attached. By the time xmas came the tree was bald except for willow and her favorite napping spot.

How did you dress or pose your cat?

No posing involved...she did this all on her own! There was no posing Willow..she liked her picture taken and would seem to pose as soon as she saw a camera. The ornaments are mine and don't worry...they are plastic...LOL. everyday she would climb the center of the tree and find the purfect branch to rest on. When tired of napping she would play with all the ornaments and see how many she could knock off. If they bounced she would rush down the tree and chase them around the room.

What I'd Do Differently

  • Nothing.....she is purfect in every way...as are all of my foster kitties....young or old. Just wish i took more pictures of her doing all her silly stunts

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